Mobile Network Blogger Template

Mobile Network Blogger Template
Mobile Network Blogger Template is a professional blogger template which takes the magazine style and use the theme of mobile network. This template has some features, such as: 3 columns, left and right sidebar, rounded corners. Blue is dominant in the body and gray for main post, simple slider menu and very easy in the editing, auto read more posts, banner 468x60 ready on top, search box ready and more. This template is highly recommended for those of you who want to create a blog with the theme of mobile phones.

Author : Dody Farial

Designer URl :

Similar Template : InBlue Blogger Template

Template Abate Free Blogger

Template name : Abate

Template type : 2 Sidebar, 3 column, 3 Column footer, Adapted from WordPress, Elegant, Featured Section, Fixed width, Gradients, Grey, Header Banner, Magazine, Premium, Right Sidebar, Rounded corners, Slider, Tabbed widget, Top Navigation Bar, Web 2.0, White

Release date : August 29, 2011
Coder/Designer URL(s) : premiumbloggertemplates.
Basic Instructions : How to install a Blogger template
Advanced Details :


Template Valentine Free Blogger

The advantages of this template is a script that will always update in real time and turns, there are sentences that contain the word love, affection and Valentine, sourced from twitter.

Besides the excess ribbon again is the navigation menu, which is made purely from CSS3, and many more.

Templates are already a SEO FRIENDLY.


Template Biru Free Blogger


  • Using auto read more only pictures and the blog title only
  • There is already a Horizontal Menu
  • Using Image Slider, which would make the blog look more attractive
  • Complete with Recent Post / can also be used as a table of contents which is equipped with a thumbnail image with a marquee effect (move down)
  • Popular Post has been modified with an attractive appearance
  • Distinguishing between the front page (HOME) with page Post
  • There are two headers that you can use to install the gadgets (like advertising for example)
  • With the addition of 3 column sidebar below the posts
  • Comment box has been modified (to distinguish admin with visitor comments)
  • SEO FRIENDLY The latter course because it only weighs 98.5 KB

To make the recent posts you please copy and paste the code below :

<style type="text/css"></style>
<script src="" type="text/javascript">
<script type="text/javascript">
var speed = 1000;
var pause = 4500;
interval = setInterval(rpnewsticker, pause);
<ul id="rp_plus_img"><script>
var numposts = 20;
var numchars = 30;
</script> <script src=";alt=json-in-script&amp;callback=rpthumbnt">
</script> </ul>


Liquid Templates Blogger Free

Template Name : Liquid Blogger Template
Author : VK Bhardwaj -
Designer :
Instructions : How to install Blogger Template
Descriptions : Liquid Blogger Template is a great blogger template with dynamic slider menu, has two columns and sidebar on the right side, dark blue background, 4 columns on the footer. Looks elegant with a gray pattern on the post. Suitable for all types of blogs.

Soft Templates Blogger Free

  • Name Soft Template
  • Type Blogger Template
  • Properties White, 2 columns, right sidebar, xml

Mello Blogger Templates

Selain template Mello, Anda juga bisa mendapatkan template Blogger kami, atau Anda dapat berlangganan Via RSS untuk mendapatkan semua barang kami mengagumkan, terima kasih!


Cute Box Blogger Templates


Lets look at some of its Main features,

  • Spitted Header
  • Two Column
  • Well organized Post Heading with separate date, time and label sections
  • Wide Post body with Stylized Block Quote
  • Bullet lists with Image Hover Effect
  • Post Footer With Seductive Social Bookmarking Icons –The Flapper!
  • Post Footer With Related Post Widget
  • Posts summarized With Read More link
  • Embedded and stylized Comment section. Author and Readers comment with different style
  • Wide Open Comment Form!
  • Comment Avatars
  • Flexible Search Box
  • Unique Subscription Form
  • Best Advertisement sections
  • Four Column Footer Widget. One Column Can accommodate as many widgets as you can add!
  • Stylized Author Profile
  • Bookmarking Widget For Homepage
  • And So on

Jika anda benar-benar minat dengan "Template Cute Box", Silahkan berlangganan via RSS. Isi alamat email anda di bawah..!! Baru saya bisa Kirim Templatenya Melalui Email yang sudah masuk ke Kotak Pesan saya. Saya akan segera mengirimkan Templatenya, Jangan lupa untuk konfirmasi dulu di Kotak Komentar.

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